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THE INEXPLICABLES Hello everyone! Today it is Inexplicables day! Yes - ladies, gents, and the otherwise affiliated - today my FOURTEENTH book is cast out into the marketplace.* It feels positively surreal ... GOOD, yes. But surreal.

SO. PLEASE, if you could be so inclined, take a moment to take a peek at my newest project.

If you'd like to read the first chapter of The Inexplicables, you can click right here and find it live on the Macmillan page. And when you're finished with that sample, if you're game and/or curious, you can still click over to Goodreads and throw your hat in the ring to receive a free copy from Tor.

AND. DON'T FORGET. I'll be striking out on tour TOMORROW yes TOMORROW - and if I'm going to be in your neck of the woods, I will cheerfully sign this book or any other (WHICH I HAVE WRITTEN, natch) according to your preference. For that matter, you may rest assured that I'll leave a stash of signed books in my wake, so if such a think might make a kick-ass Christmas or birthday present for someone you know, then LET ME HOOK YOU UP.

Tour dates and locations listed here.

As always, thank you all for reading, thank you for blogging, thank you for spreading the word among friends and family and other assorted persons with whom you are acquainted. Below you'll find a list of handy-dandy links that should, I hope, make nabbing this book ALL THE EASIER.

Thanks again, to all of you, everywhere...

    Rector "Wreck ‘em" Sherman was orphaned as a toddler in the Blight of 1863, but now he's all grown up - and on his eighteenth birthday, he’ll be cast out out of the children's home.

    But Wreck’s problems aren’t merely about finding a new place to live: for years, he’s been quietly breaking the cardinal rule of any good drug dealer and dipping into his own supply. Now he's pretty sure he’s being haunted by the ghost of a kid he used to know - a kid who disappeared six months ago, and is almost certainly dead. If so, this old friend would have every reason to pester Wreck, since Wreck's the one who got him inside the walled city of Seattle in the first place.

    Maybe the ghost is just a drug-fueled misfire of a guilty conscience, but Wreck can’t take it anymore. So he sneaks over the wall.

    Inside, he finds the wasteland of Seattle every bit as bad as he’d heard, chock-full of the hungry undead and utterly choked by the poisonous, inescapable yellow gas.

    And then there's the monster. Rector's pretty certain that whatever attacked him was not at all human—and not a rotter, either. This was something different. Arms far too long. Posture all strange. Eyes all wild and faintly glowing gold and known to the locals as simply "The Inexplicable."

* If you count Fort Freak - which I did not write in its entirety, but I wrote the whole interstitial ... and I worked every bit as hard on that as I ever worked on any project that was all my own.

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