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Keep me groovin' with some energy

Here’s today's progress on my comic/sci-fi young adult project where a girl becomes a ninja and fights aliens with much ass-kicking and many LOLs but not a whole lot of kissing (or any kissing, to be frank) plus BONUS Bruce Lee’s ghost, a vintage Thunderbird, zenlightenment on the fly, and fat stacks of Cool Ranch Doritos.

    Project: Ninja Planet
    Deadline: Sooner rather than later
    New words written: 1972 (2-day total)
    Present total word count: 53,208 words

    Things accomplished in fiction: BIG CLIMACTIC SCENE. Nothing left to write but the wind-down.

    Things accomplished in real life: Daily jaunts around the neighborhood with the dog; afternoon lunch with Mary and Nene yesterday - which ate up pretty much the entire afternoon, actually; took Greyson to the groomer and then picked him up by myself (long story) but he actually did great without company in the backseat, thank God; did dishes; did laundry; went to the post office; kept inbox at zero.

    Other: Let the record reflect, I did write yesterday, keeping the streak alive. I just didn't get around to doing it until late at night, and then we were watching this week's episode of Justified and then I sort of just forgot to update. These things happen. But the streak LIVES.

    Number of fiction words so far this year: 14,190


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Feb. 8th, 2013 05:19 pm (UTC)
Hurry up. I wanna read this.
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