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Word Metrics and AnachroCon

In the wake of this morning's big announcement (scroll back, if you missed it!), today has been a low word-count day, but I think I can be forgiven. Or perhaps you might think that I'm "calling it a day" too early, and I still have PLENTY OF TIME for word-making - and okay, that's fair.


There is NOT plenty of time for word-making, because now I must get my act together and begin packing for AnachroCon! For yes, I'm leaving in the morning, bright and early; and you can find me there all weekend, huzzah!

Best of all, I am within driving distance ... and therefore I can bring some cool dress-up clothes without having to worry about TSA making off with my rayguns.

[:: throws confetti ::]
[:: realizes we're all out of confetti ::]
[:: adds confetti to the shopping list ::]

So anyway, I just wanted to post that little tidbit right there, to account for why I'm unlikely to post much for the next couple of days. But REST ASSURED: My Write Every Damn Day routine shall remain in place! Word counts might be crap, but hell, if I can cough up a couple of paragraphs a day while trying to do a convention, I'll count it "productive" and let myself off the hook.

And here’s today's progress on my fin de siecle gothic epistolary, now with Bonus! ghosts, guilt, and the threat of elder gods in the aftermath of two gruesome unsolved murders:

    Project: Maplecroft
    Deadline: October 2012
    New words written: 1127
    Present total word count: 38,330 words

    Things accomplished in fiction: Two yucky corpses and more exquisitely awful smells.

    Next up: What passes for an autopsy; an attempt to compare notes with someone without incriminating anyone; getting the story straight.

    Things accomplished in real life: Daily jaunt around the neighborhood with the dog; adventures with Landscaping Lady and the Dog Who Just Wants to Help; couple loads of laundry.

    Other: I got my second wind and hung up the curtains last night, in case you were dying of curiosity on that point, for some reason. They look great!

    Bride of Other: Some of you have noticed that this morning's post header implied there might be another announcement to come. And some of you wanted to know if I was still going to keep up the Maplecroft metrics, now that I have a new project officially on deck. The answer to both of those questions is "yes," and you people are just going to have to be patient.

    Return of Other: The Landscaping Lady got her task underway today, and I'm kind of sorry to see HedgeHenge go - but the whole thing was being choked by ivy, and much of the undergrowth was dead and rotting. I'm also kind of sorry about the birds, who love that damn thing ... but it's winter, at least. No wee baby birds in nests or anything; in fact, we only found a couple of nests, and they were empty. All will regrow (healthier, happier) this spring and summer, and all will be well. But for now, I feel like everybody and their brother can just STARE RIGHT INTO MY YARD. Because, I mean, they can.

    Number of fiction words so far this year: 34,423

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