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Too tired for lyrics

Here’s the weekend's pitiful progress on my fin de siecle gothic epistolary, now with Bonus! ghosts, guilt, and the threat of elder gods in the aftermath of two gruesome unsolved murders:

    Project: Maplecroft
    Deadline: October 2012
    New words written: 1580
    Present total word count: 39,910 words

    Things accomplished in fiction: A lot of fumbling in the dark, but good signs point toward a useful collaboration in the future. Hopefully, before it's too late.

    Next up: The doctor and the murderess chat.

    Things accomplished in real life: AnachroCon! Which was genuinely delightful, but it has exhausted me too thoroughly to let me in a position to do a write-up. Thus I'm counting the piddly few-hundred words I managed today and calling myself done for now. I need to make lunch and go walk the dog this afternoon, and I still have to finish unpacking.

    Other: The landscaping lady was busy while I was gone. However, I could've told her that she'd need more than an hour to tackle the Mighty and Terrible HedgeHenge, heh. It should probably receive its final squaring-away tomorrow ... and I think/hope that her team will get started in earnest on the retaining wall. She seems quite nice, and we're looking forward to having a professional help us sort this whole mess out.

    Return of the Living Other: I hope the yard wraps up sometime this week, because I'd really like to get the FINAL final tally on this and get started taking estimates re: the floor work we want done in the back end of the house. I'm kickin' it domestic, y'all.

    Number of fiction words so far this year: 36,003

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