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Dogs Forever

Haven't gotten a damn bit of writing done these last few days, so I guess that whole "write every damn day" thing is shot all to hell. Over the weekend, my excuse was the yard; the weather was gorgeous, and I had a LOT of work to do outside. Last year we did all this crap in the dead of summer, and I did solemnly vow that THIS year, we'd get ahead of it before it got that hot again.

So that's what I did. For hours, each day. I prepared all the beds, turning and augmenting the soil with good stuff; then I planted forsythia, a white quince, a bunch of iris/lilies, a pair of camellias, a dark purple lilac bush, and I forget what else in the decorative department.

In the delicious department, I rebooted the herb garden with 3 varieties of basil, golden lemon thyme, onions, garlic, and French lavender; I also trimmed back the Monster Rosemary, pruned the oregano, and fed the chives. Then I plotted out and planted part of the vegetable bed - with heirloom tomatoes (as well as a local hybrid), collard greens (for the husband), Brussels sprouts (great roasted with olive oil and dipped in horseradish, yum), and that's all for now. It's a little early for the rest of what I want to add, and that's just as well.

Why? Because it meant I had half a vegetable bed for two dogs to wrestle around in like a mudpit all afternoon.

And why two dogs, you may ask? Because I found this while I was out walking Greyson this morning.


Yes, he was that cute.
(And yes, that's Greyson guarding him - and preparing to snorgle/play with him yet further.)

He had also been on the lam for a couple of days, if the neighborhood email list could be believed; he kept trying to let himself inside people's houses, and no one knew who he belonged to, if anyone. So when he came bounding happily down the street to meet me and Greyson, well, I picked him up and took him home.

He was hungry and dehydrated, and had a bad case of the sniffles. So I made him a vet appointment (because I AM A SUCKER, YES) and until the appointment, he and Greyson ran positively wild in the yard. Both of them were covered in mud by appointment time, but we wiped the little dude down and took him to the office - where we learned he's in generally good health, except for an upper respiratory infection.

And since I'm not the kind of woman to drop off a sick pit-mix puppy to a shelter because I know how that shit works ... we settled in to keep him a few days and hope we could either find his family, or find him a new one.

We really don't have room for two dogs of the size that dude was shaping up to become; Greyson and a kitty are almost more than the square footage will comfortably sustain. But I have the internet! And I put out feelers! And the response was very good, for which I am touched and grateful to all and sundry who spread the message and offered their assistance.

However, as we drove home from the vet, I spied our local mailman - and I remembered that he's basically a super-genius who knows everything about everyone in these-here blocks ... so I pulled up alongside his truck and asked if he knew anyone who was missing a 2-3 month old white puppy with adorable brown eyebrows. And lo and behold, he knew of a family who'd adopted something matching that description a couple of weeks ago.

Then he gave us the address. Off the top of his head.

So rather than taking the pup home, since he was happily sacked out in the back-seat on my husband's lap, we drove on over to the address. AND YES. Their puppy "Pepperjack" had gone AWOL a couple of days before, when a neighbor dog dug under their fence and invited him off on a romp.


Puppy was restored to his family, now with Bonus! medicine for his upper-respiratory infection and Extra Bonus! stuff for fleas and worms because a pup on his own for a few days gets up to shenanigans, he does.

He'd actually roamed quite a ways - a mile or more, I'd say. Quite a stretch for such a little fellow. His family was stunned that he'd made it that far away; they'd only been asking around the immediate blocks. I have no idea how the cutie pulled it off, but all's well now - and I, for one, am so relieved that I just want to sack out in front of the TV with a drink and wait for the new Castle episode.

What the hell. That sounds like a plan.
[:: collapses ::]

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