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Another brief hiatus

No, really! Just a brief one. My old friend and college roommate is coming to town for a few days, so you can reasonably expect that I won't be posting much, if at all. I will take pictures of our shenanigans, though - you may rest assured of that - and probably post them over on my Twitter feed. I mean, if you're interested in such things.

Anyway. I ran into a plot tangle re: Maplecroft and have spent a few days sorting through it. I think I know how to fix things now, and I'm quite happy with the solution at hand; but no, I don't have any significant new word metrics to post. A terrible desert of them, yes, I know. But I'll be back in action soon - and from here on out, it's just a momentum-gaining cruise to the end. I'm not terribly worried.

So! Yes. I'll be back later this week.
Pardon me while I go take a few short days to goof off with all-too-distant friends, eh?

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