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Ladies, gents, and the otherwise affiliated - over at Tor.com you will now find my short story The Button Man and the Murder Tree, a Wild Cards project that I've been keeping under my hat for a few months. Free for the reading!

It's a story about a fellow I introduced in Fort Freak - Raul Esposito ... back when he was a button man for the mob in Chicago, and long before he became a genteel (if somewhat creepy) restaurateur in NYC. Raul's in a race against time, the mafia, and his own body. One of them will betray him before the week is out.

As a bonus, this story is accompanied by some truly kickass art by the inimitable John Picacio, so you should seriously click through just to get a look at THAT. Even if you're not so sure about a joker hit man with an awkward case and a hard-to-hide secret that could get him killed.

SO. Kindly go give it a read! Dip a toe into the Wild Cards universe. I hope you enjoy what you find.

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