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Holy crap, you guys - it's been a week. First of all, our mystery guest of awesomeness came to visit for a few days, wherein he performed MANY SNUGGLES upon both Greyson and Spain the Cat ... and altogether we went to the Writing Excuses retreat - not because we were proper attendees, but because we were in the neighborhood. We did BBQ and podcasts, and shenanigans occurred. A marvelous good time was had by all!

Shortly after our mystery guest departed (within hours, actually) ... we had new guests! My dad and stepmom appeared, along with Duke and Daisy - their recent adoptees from the Dane Crazy Great Dane Rescue outside Nashville. Really, you guys. Four adults, three dogs (the smallest of whom was 85 pounds), and a very pissy cat in a folk Victorian bungalow for a few days. IT WAS AWESOME.

And even if Big G hadn't recently been clipped for summer, he still would've looked like the teeny baby of the bunch.

The boys are back in town

Daisy is a slender young lady about Greyson's age, underweight in the wake of a bad abandonment situation ... but they've put a good 25 pounds on her, and they're stuffing her full of fancy kibble and cookies to bring her up to speed. Duke is 5 years old and 130 pounds, every ounce a gentleman. He was surrendered when a family lost its home, and at his age, he was difficult to place ... despite his awesomely easy-going disposition, slow and gentle demeanor, and tendency to sit on your lap, just because he's feeling cuddly.


[Note regarding that pic: I am 5 ft. 5 inches tall, and weigh somewhat less than 130 pounds.]

Anyway, as mentioned previously, it turns out that my dad and stepmom are kind of big fat suckers. Which has worked out very well for these two newly spoiled pooches - much to Big G's personal delight. Daisy was a playmate he could spar and wrestle with, and Duke was a freelance nuzzler with a cinder-block-sized head to deliver kisses on demand. Besides: BONUS DOG GRANDPARENTS. Seriously. Best dog week EVER.

But the week got a little weird when we loaded up the dogs and trekked them out to a big old cemetery for a happy-go-lucky big dog walk ... for we soon learned we were not precisely alone. No, not ghosts. CATS.

Out from the woods sprang two tiny kittens - who pounced upon the dogs as if they could eat them (and had EVERY INTENTION of doing so).

The dogs are all wildly pro-cat, thank God; and the kittens received no damage apart from a serious drool-spa combined with an excessive tongue-bath. And then, because I also am a big fat sucker (it runs in the family), I scored a box and stuffed the kittens thereunto. There was exactly zero chance that I could hang onto the little stinkers, given our overstuffed household situation (never mind our cat-hating elderly feline matriarch); but I knew a safe place where I could take them.*

The little black one with the teeny white paws is a hellion. I drove all the way to the shelter with the box fastened shut, my heavy ol' purse sitting atop the box, the seatbelt strapping the whole thing shut, and one hand holding the lid secure ... and he(she?) STILL managed to repeatedly get a paw through the cracks in order to flip me the bird.

Both kittens are hella-sweet, VERY dog friendly (I was joking, above), and happy to be held, cuddled, and cooed at. The black one (who I've dubbed "Killer") just took offense at being stuffed into a box, that's all. His(her?) sibling, the stripey little "Spook" was the adventurer of the pair - the first one to accost the dogs and to accept the subsequent damp snorgling that ensued. Killer was somewhat more dubious, but still willing to fling him(her)self into the mix in case backup was required.

You guys, I SERIOUSLY, and furthermore DESPERATELY want someone to adopt these two. I'm reasonably confident that they were dumped, as they're about 6-8 weeks old, very healthy, all alone, and we have NEVER seen or heard kittens in the cemetery despite daily walks there with Big G. This is, by the way, the cemetery in which my husband took the baby fox picture - so we know good and well that there is a robust community of predators lurking about the city of the dead. These babies hadn't been there long; they were VOCAL and hungry...yet fiercely lovable.

They are not feral.
They are comfortable with people - nay, pitifully desperate for people. They came to me when I called them, literally running into my hands.

If you are in the Chattanooga area - and/or might be willing to drive there - and you'd be interested in adopting these two ridiculous cutie-pies ... please contact the McKamey Animal Center at (423) 305-6500 and ask about the cemetery kittens admitted there by yours truly. They have plenty of paperwork from me under yes, this name [points at the URL] because it is my real name; I had to fill out a bunch of stuff to surrender them, and I felt awful about it the whole time.

But it was better than leaving them for fox chow. In the rain. Did I mention it was raining? WHO THE HELL DUMPS KITTENS in the CEMETERY in the goddamn RAIN??? I don't even want to know.

So. Yes. Please consider adopting, and please spay and neuter, and please make room in your hearts and your homes if you can.

    McKamey Animal Center
    4500 North Access Rd.
    Chattanooga, TN 37415

    (423) 305-6500

* Not the shelter from whence we acquired Greyson and Spainy - but that one is always, ALWAYS full. When they have openings, they cull critters from shelters like McKamey. McKamey IS a kill shelter and I hate that, but their kill rate is low, and they perform a major amount of adoption-driving and fund-raising to spay and neuter throughout the land. The shelter manager lives in my neighborhood, and he's been very helpful with regards to rescue, sterilization, and rehoming of stray and unwanted critters. It's a good place to take vulnerable kittens, but it's not without its risks, and I very much would like to see them elsewhere.


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Jun. 19th, 2013 01:55 am (UTC)
Will the podcast be available for public listening?
Jun. 19th, 2013 01:23 pm (UTC)
Eventually, I'm sure. I will cheerfully link things at that time!
Jun. 19th, 2013 12:44 pm (UTC)
I would totally go for those fuzzbutts, but am nowhere convenient.
Jun. 19th, 2013 01:21 pm (UTC)
By the way: I always love how joyful you are when it comes to animals, how generous you are with them, and how they love you back. I think you did the best thing you could possibly do for those kittens, considering the circumstances. They'll get adopted quickly, as cute as they are, with that sweet demeanor.
Jun. 19th, 2013 04:07 pm (UTC)
Thanks, ma'am. Not all the feedback was so positive.


Anyway, it looks like one of them might already have a home lined up; a neighbor of mine has been wanting a kitten, but has a (cat-friendly) dog ... and wanted a kitten that wouldn't be afraid of it. VOILA, I say.

(It really is a very nice shelter, very low-kill, with a lot of community support - and support from other no-kill shelters in the area, who cull from this one when they have space. I can't save them all, you know? But I can take an hour out of my day to give them a good chance.)
Jun. 19th, 2013 06:51 pm (UTC)
Sounds like your version of paradise to be be surrounded by so many cool critters. I would have loved to play with the Danes and Greyson.
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