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Here’s today's progress on my modern pseudo-noir young-adult mystery with murder, medical blackmail, pop culture myth-making, missing persons, and a digital Hail Mary that's become an international sensation:

    Project: Princess X
    Deadline: January 1, 2014
    New words written: 1009 [Oof. Crap.]
    Present total word count: 10,802 words

    Things accomplished in fiction: The website reveals become curiouser and curiouser. In a good way. If the information provided is correct, then the truth is out there (and it's time to stop believing the lie). But May is up against the limits of her technological know-how, so she's going to need help.

    Next up: "Trick" is sort of helpful.

    Furthermore: Crappy word count inDEED. No one's fault but my own, though I did get about 2/3 of the website "scripted" yesterday, whilst sitting in a coffee shop. Like a hipster, yes. Whatever.

    Things accomplished in real life: Daily jaunt around the neighborhood with the dog; paid some bills; went to Walgreens to restock medicine cabinet; went to lunch with husband; got some groceries; supervised a Greyson playdate with some neighbor kids in the yard (always makes his day, I tell you); got rained on a bit; did some housework-type chores; started planning for InConJunction - which I'm leaving for on Thursday.

    Other: Saw The Heat and This is the End over the weekend. Enjoyed them both, but The Heat pretty much blew my tits off. Wonderful flick - funny as hell. The End was exactly what it was supposed to be, which is to say, a stoner movie with lots of dick jokes. It also includes the only contemporary depiction of Heaven I've seen that made me really, really want to go there.

    Yardwork other: Hacked the butterfly bush jungle into submission, but it's been damp off and on, so I haven't performed the much-needed detail work yet. Will try to get to that later this week, before I leave town. Or not. We also got (and ate) our first zucchinis from the garden, and the peppers and tomatoes aren't too far behind.

    Animal-related other: This morning on Greyson's walk, we discovered a fledgling woodpecker in the grass beside our path. (In a not-much traveled part of the neighborhood; he'll be fine.) His parents were attending to him, and the little guy had all his feathers ... so I left him alone. I mean, I left him alone after I cooed over his cute widdle face for a minute or two, while mom and dad looked own with SRS bird-frowns. Speaking of birds, it looks like we might not have more purple finches on the porch after all. They got halfway through building a nest, and then my husband and his buddy sat out there and chatted for a few hours. Their meddling presence seems to have chased the birds off. [:: sulk ::]

    Number of fiction words so far this year: 111,287

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