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Look it's me writing on the wall

I'm back! And still running around like a chicken with my head cut off, as has become traditional in the wake of out-of-town trips. Four days away from the office, and things can really pile up; but I did want to hop on and make mention of a few things.

The following.
* * * * *

First of all, InConJunction was a lovely time, spent with lady-pugs in tutus and the Enterprise's Chief Cosmetology Officer (among other fine persons). I feel the need to mention this, because I am crap at doing convention write-ups - and I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea. It was groovy! I am 100% glad that I went!

Superlative convention experience aside, this is also because of an off-site bookstore meet-up arranged by the convention.

At this particular meet-up (mentioned in the previous post) ... I caught up with (I am not making this up) my very first best friend! We met in second grade, teamed up and conquered through third grade ... and then I moved. We both moved. Several times. We tried to stay in touch with letters and the like, but when you're a kid, well. You lose touch.

We hadn't seen each other in 30 years.

In that time, we have become very wise and mature. As you can plainly see.

BONUS FUN: Nancy brought letters and stickers exchanged between us in the 80s. (Click that first link if you'd like to see how little my handwriting has improved, though my spelling is up a notch. A small notch.)
* * * * *

THE HUMBLE BUNDLE. Still trucking! And tune in later this week for a Reddit AMA including yours truly (among a number of the other authors). Be gentle. It's my first toe-dipping onto that site.

* * * * *

And then there's Scalzi's convention harassment post. I've co-signed it. It's a good idea, and one that had frankly never occurred to me - in short, conventions should have some policy on the subject. Furthermore, this policy should be public and easily findable on the convention website.

Going forward, I will regretfully decline invitations to events that don't meet this criteria. I haven't yet checked out the events I've confirmed for through the rest of this year and next, but regardless, I'll meet all outstanding commitments. Like I said, this is a "going forward" thing.

Though it'd be hella-nice if everyone would get on board.

* * * * *

And I believe that X-number of things make a post. Voila! I'll be back tomorrow (it is to be hoped) with proper word metrics and the like.

Thanks for reading!

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