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Here’s today's progress on my modern pseudo-noir young-adult mystery with murder, medical blackmail, pop culture myth-making, missing persons, and a digital Hail Mary that's become an international sensation:

    Project: Princess X
    Deadline: January 1, 2014
    New words written: 1923 (better!)
    Present total word count: 20,088 words

    Things accomplished in fiction: Picked a direction and ran with it. Finally.

    Next up: Track down the first of the big macguffins.

    Darling du jour: "I wanted to throw my hands in the air. Or at his face. One or the other."

    Things accomplished in real life: Daily jaunt around the neighborhood with the dog (which by the way, is about 2 miles - since someone asked the other day); sat with dog while the vet checked him out and gave him his booster shots (she does housecalls, thank God); consulted with the flooring guy, who came to take measurements for the back room; learned some new and truly infuriating things about how stupid people can be when they renovate old houses; not unrelated, I figured out why exactly the house's previous owners lived with that ugly-ass carpet so long; paid some bills; did a surprise! load of laundry because the cat barfed all over the guest bedroom last night.

    Other: Yesterday's plotting was actually kind of helpful. More tonight, as I figure out how the next scene goes; I've been doing too much thumb-twiddling - it's time to send the characters into action, for heaven's sake. I suspect I'm going to have to edit out/clean up/seriously tighten the last few chapters before I hand in this draft. Got a lot of dragging bits to excise. Boo.

    Bonus! other: the husband is LOVING the new HVAC system. I am having second thoughts, because I am freezing to death and sitting around in a sweater - even though it's only set to 75 degrees in here.

    Number of fiction words so far this year: 120,573


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Aug. 7th, 2013 01:42 pm (UTC)
Let me guess: ugly-ass carpet is glued down directly to the subfloor, or, worse, to solid hardwood flooring?
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