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The Aftermath

I am home from DragonCon, and I'm almost done catching up on everything I missed while I was gone. First and foremost, I want to congratulate all the Hugo and Campbell Award winners who were crowned over the weekend. There are many friends on that-there list, and I feel bad that I only just noticed their shiny new rocket-bling; but rest assured, I am delighted for the bunch of them, and I wish them all the very best.

As for the rest of the catching-up, it's mostly personal and boring.

Since finding my way home yesterday I've performed such thrilling tasks as paying my taxes, going to the post office and mailing my dad's birthday present, cleaning the house, going shopping for a few necessities, hitting up the pet store to restock the pet stuff, running by the bank and the pharmacy, and doing load after load of laundry.

Like I said, boring. And time-consuming and attention-eating. So I beg the pardon of anyone who's been awaiting a response or otherwise wanting my attention for the last week or so.

As for DragonCon itself ... wowzers. Epic in every way, even more so than last time I attended - and friend-anecdata suggests that I'm not alone in that assessment. Huge shout-out to the track directors who made the programming such a bang - notably Derek Tatum, Carol Malcolm, and the inimitable Q - and to all the other fine folks who work behind the scenes to keep the world (or at least 5 blocks of Atlanta) turning.

I had an excellent time, and I'm glad I went.

That said, it was probably the most exhausting long weekend of my life. I spent about 90% of my non-sleeping time (quite literally) either in programming, or struggling to reach my scheduled programming - swimming upstream against a few thousand of my closest friends. I didn't catch any of the stuff I wanted to see as a fan, for it simply wasn't an option when the travel time between hotels was factored in (much less the waiting-in-line to maybe get inside time); and likewise, I saw scarcely a third of the people I wanted to meet up with. Once we were all free of programming, I was too sacked out to hit the bar and be sociable. Hell, by the end of Saturday night, I was so catastrophically tired that I'd lost the ability to be civil to people who were being kind to me.

Nice person: Can I get you some water?
Me: GO AWAY LEAVE ME ALONE ARGH [:: flips table ::]
Nice person: O_o
Me: Oh crap. I'm sorry. No, thank you. Sorry. I'm so sorry.

Let me put it this way: last night I went to bed around 10:30, and I didn't get up until 10:00 this morning. And I'm still not quite as lucid as I'd like to be. But I'm working on it. Chilling out between the catching up. Playing a video game or two. Being a tiny bit lazy, despite all the work I have to get done by the end of the year. Never mind the back yard, which has junglefied in just the short time I was gone. Oof.

Onward. Upward.
Word metrics and the daily grind to resume tomorrow, I should hope.

I guess we'll see...

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