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Here's today's progress on my witchy art-deco horror novel about Lizzie Borden thirty years after her parents' deaths - now featuring ghosts and non-ghosts alike, anti-Catholic conspiracy nuts, supernatural political shenanigans, the mafia, and a Bonus! space-worshiping murder cult hiding behind the KKK:

    Project: Chapelwood
    Deadline: October 1, 2014
    New words written: 2402 (good)
    Present total word count: 22,495

    Things accomplished in fiction: A little more back-fill and juggling; this one opens from several POVs in three different places ... trying to streamline without cheating. But now I'm moving forward again - to an awkward supper where the hostess is in hiding, and might be going mad.

    Next up: The inspector milks the hostess for information - about the axe murders, yes. There's got to be a concrete link to the strange church out at Chapelwood, and he's determined to sniff it out.

    Things accomplished in real life: Neighborhood jaunt with dog in the snow; cooked a hell of a lunch; printed and sent off a reprint contract; emptied my inbox; not much else - but the day is young.

    Other: I'm stopping a little early, because I have several loads of laundry and a few other household-maintenance-type things to do this afternoon. Such is life. I got a good wordcount in, so I'm at peace with it.

    Snowdog other:

    Number of fiction words so far this year: 55,906

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