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Sep. 21st, 2003 (UTC)

warbridgeI went in thinking I'd see a stylish vampire versus werewolf movie. I wasn't looking for art or an oscar contender; wasn't even looking for the next Lord of the Rings. It filled that expectation and entertained me enough that I managed to partially ignore the woman who's three year old daughter kept insisting that the movie was going to be scarey and she didn't think she should watch it. :\

The plot holes didn't stop me from enjoying it. My suspension of disbelief must have been deep enough to miss some of them. Others, like the sudden belief of Craven, I can sort of follow. It seemed to me, upon reflection, that she was stunned by this explanation. We're not privy to some fo the background and the thoughts of the characters at that moment, so it feels like she just shifts gears too quickly. What if you consider that she threw it back to Viktor as a chance for him to absolve himself of the accusation just as he offered her absolution by killing Michael. But he didn't even defend himself. That's when she turned against him. Something like that is awful subtle in this type of movie though, or I'm being too damn complicated myself.

I agree it felt like a four hour movie made into a two hour one. Woudln't be surprised if they went for the quick intro on a low budget so they could get their film a solid footing and thus purchase enough credibility to do a costlier follow up. Another film could easily answer the questions left behind, while filling in the holes, and still have room for expansion of the film's scope. Certainly would be nice.

Forgive the presumption Mistress Priest, but maybe your just too hot-blooded for the PVC. ;)

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