October 12th, 2005

Last night at the library

The reading went surprisingly well, considering how ill-prepared I was. This was not the fault of the organizers; the blame must be laid squarely at the feet of my terminally-b0rked laptop which died earlier this week. Though I had back-ups of just about everything, it took me a few days to get everything installed, set up, bookmarked and ready to go ... and then I did the stupidest thing one can apparently do when one would like to reap the copious bounties of free wireless internet -- I activated Norton AntiVirus.

Norton, that hyper-neurotic mother of internet panty-liners, decided that the entire internet was filled with deadly danger. In fact, so peril-fraught is cyberspace indeed that I must never permit my pristine browser to trespass there. Ever. Under any circumstances. Jym spent a couple of hours the other night unchecking suspicious boxes, tweaking settings, and basically clearing out the Norton spell of warding that had seized my precious new computer. Now I may be in a little bit of peril, but I've got AdAware bookmarked and I'm willing to take my chances.

That having been said, I have gotten essentially no productive work whatsoever done on my new machine since I bought it -- and among the things which had failed to manifest was the outline for the CWG meeting/speaking/reading thing. So considering that I just showed up and winged it for an hour, I think things went quite well. I'm told they went well even regardless of any winging, which is cool. I hope everyone enjoyed it at least as much as I did.

I was told, however, by a supa-sekrit source at the CWG that there were a handful of people* who informed the administrators that they would not be attending the meeting last night ... due to the questionable content of the ghost-story readings. So hooray! I'm controversial and offensive! Somebody go and ban me so I can make all the cool lists.

After the meeting, I went across the street to the Pickle Barrel and was the token estrogen for a table filled with gentlemen of a certain age (shall we say). Hell, they pointed it out every five minutes so I will too -- it was an old coot's show and I had a wonderful time. Old coots have the best ghost stories, and are most willing to share them. [:: waves at the guys ::]

Anyway folks, I am positively swamped at my day job today and will try to get to my email inbox sometime around lunch. Be patient with me, folks. I'll try to get around to answering everyone eventually.


* The sort who burn Harry Potter books and have praying Calvin stickers on their cars, no doubt.

Look at that little face

100605 kittens 010
Originally uploaded by Rev. Jim and Holly.
Seriously, people. Fluffy orange kitten. About 8 weeks old. Healthy. Cuter than any proverbial button you wish to compare him to.

This tiger tabby on the right and this darling silver tabby are the only two kittens from Jim and Holly's litter who have not been adopted out (or so I am led to understand).

Isn't there anybody in the Chattanooga area who would like a kitten? Go drop Holly or Jim a comment.

Go on. Kittens. Kittens, dammit. Kittens.

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