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In no particular order, here are the things that are on my mind right this second:

1. graphxgrrl is possibly the best neighbor ever. It is also possible that -- at some not-so-distant point -- there will be incriminating pictures of us with sparklers. No promises. But I'm pretty sure that formicadinette made some embarrassing captures.

2. It's always nice when the very first public reaction* to a book is a favorable one. And lo, the inaugural response to Not Flesh Nor Feathers is over here at Bookshelves of Doom, and it is exceedingly kind. By the way -- in case you're curious, I answer the blogger's question in the comments (where you'll find no spoilers, I promise).

3. The mail came a few minutes ago, and with it came several family photos from the batch taken when I was in Kentucky for lex_vc's high school graduation. As per usual when it comes to professional portraits, I look tense and somewhat aloof.

But I think that this one is much more indicative of my real life appearance and attitude. My dad snuck it in with the proper portrait shots, and I love it.

I'm the very picture of decorum.

4. I have just now realized that my Flickr account has garnered nearly 100,000 page views (in about 2 years). Man. You people must really love your fish and kitty pictures.

5. I have not met my self-imposed word quota of the day, so I'm going to get back to work now. Have fun, everyone.

* That I know of. If there are other early ARC readers out there who've mentioned it online, I haven't seen it.


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