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It's truly astonishing the level to which my housekeeping went downhill while I was finishing up Draft Zero of Fathom. With head implanted firmly up ass, I let the place go to hell -- and today I'm doing my best to repair the situation. My resolve to straighten up my living quarters was further bolstered last night, when graphxgrrl (AKA, "The Great Enabler") and I drove out to Ikea.

I'd been saying for months that we needed more bookcases; and since the demise of the Ugly Beige Chair of Death, moriarty6 and I had a little bit of living space freed up for this very purpose. But we didn't have the wall space for another full unit like our existing shelf set-up, so that meant I needed to track down something (a). smallish and (b). matching our Ikea Dark Brown wood veneer theme.* And although I have often said that I'll count myself a proper adult when I can buy furniture that I don't have to assemble, I cannot deny that I derive great satisfaction from playing with power tools. This should come as no surprise, considering.

So last night I bought a couple of stubby cubular models,** left out the crappy pseudo-cardboard veneer backing, and now, well. Now our hideously overstuffed bookcase looks ... um ... still crowded, but less agonized and saggy. Here's what that half of the living room looked like BEFORE.


And here's the AFTER result.

After view -- with 2 small bookcases added

Really, I wish we had room for a couple more. I've still got four boxes of books being stored at my dad's place, and I would love to tell him, "Ship 'em!" except that I have no earthly idea where I'd put them. And, of course, we've got at least another small book case's worth of tomes lounging around under the bed, on our nightstands, stuffed here and there around my work area, and inside the hollow coffee table with the slide-open top. But whatcha gonna do? At least it's tidier now.

I swear, we keep trying to sell off our Read: And Not Intending to Re-Read piles over at Half Price Books, but every time we go, we come back carrying almost as much as we left with.

Anyway, then -- having freshly pieced together cheap Swedish flatpack furniture and sorted out its occupants -- I went to the grocery store. I hadn't bought groceries in weeks, and had therefore been living off Taco Bell and take-out. It was getting gruesome. But now I'm nomming on a Hebrew National hotdog that's been slathered with chili and cheese, and I've got fresh fruit and veggies in the fridge.

Once again, I might hypothetically be able to fool casual visitors into believing that civilized adults live here.

And oh -- before I forget! -- I'll be spending the middle of next week in San Francisco, which is where darkcryst and miriammiriam are getting married. This ought to be cool from a wide variety of standpoints, not least of all because we'll be staying with aalauber and mal, who have stated their intention of playing tour guides. And this may sound weird, I know, but I've been everywhere in the continental 48 except for New England and California.

But for now, I must embrace this flurry of motivation in order to clean the bathroom, vaccum/sweep/mop, and look into doing some laundry. Have a lovely afternoon, everyone. I'm off to dive in to domestic tedium.

* Classy!
** We have a variety of reasons for not investing in a set of taller book cases right now. Those reasons aren't worth going in to here, but I'd ask you to take my word for it.


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